Relieve pain and live an unrestricted active life again.

FroomCare is a digital library of simple therapeutic exercises,

compiled by Our team of rehabilitation professionals, aimed at relieving unpleasant muscle pain.

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Complete our clinical assessment questionnaire to get the right exercise plan just for you!

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Consistent exercise will make your life easier

About us

FroomCare is a joint project of experienced therapist Grega Nahtigal and Paralympian Darko Đurić, who combined their experience and knowledge in the desire to help people live an active life without pain.

Physiotherapy Team

Since there is no success without an excellent and reliable team, there is a professional group of physiotherapists and kinesiologists under the leadership of qualified physiotherapist Mance Škoda.

With a self-treatment program
eliminate your pain.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

The training is intended for anyone whose pain hinders them from performing their daily activities. The exercises are intended for self-treatment, both in the rehabilitation process and in the prevention process. Exercises should be performed according to the instructions and according to your capabilities.

A consultation with a physiotherapist is not required before starting the exercises selected from a personalized program according to the clinical assessment questionnaire, for self-treatment.

The price of a standardized exercise program for self-treatment is $9,90.

For best possible results it is optimal to perform exercises at least 5 times a week, for at least 6 straight weeks for first visible results. Consistency is the key!

It varies from program to program – enough space, suitable environment, sport outfit, bottle of water, towel, elastic band, stick, ball.