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How to recognize postcovid syndrome?

In this article, we explain how to recognize postcovid syndrome and everything you need to know about it.

What is "long-term" covid or postcovid syndrome?

There is currently no internationally recognized definition of long-lasting Covid. The generally accepted time frame distinguishing between acute and post-acute symptoms of SARS Covid-19 is 28 days. As with acute SARS Covid-19, people with postcovid syndrome experience symptoms that may include: fatigue, muscle aches, cough, shortness of breath, headaches…


Although many people get SARS Covid-19 without problems or symptoms, it is important to be aware that certain symptoms may not manifest until months later. This is called “postcovid syndrome”. An individual experiences various symptoms that can go away or recur after a while.

Breathing exercise – Huffing technique

A negative covid-19 test does not mean recovery

Non-hospitalized cases of SARS Covid-19 infections are classified as “mild” forms of infection. Poor health in those assessed as “recovering” is largely immeasurable. Formerly healthy people with persistent symptoms that prevent them from continuing to work or exercise are still classified as “mild forms of Covid”. Symptoms that last for several weeks and interfere with a person’s normal functioning should not be called mild. (N.A. Alwan Nature 584, 170; 2020).

If you are facing the long-term consequences of Covid, experts say it is best to visit a personal physician. In addition to consulting a personal physician, you can also help yourself by performing breathing exercises, aerobic exercise, and chest mobilization, which has a positive effect on reducing the symptoms of post-covid syndrome. (Naralia and Permatasari 2021).


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